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Who is Tyler The Creator?

Tyler Gregory Okonma is the actual name of this talent but he is greatly known as Tyler, The Creator. He is the star of the rapping world. His famous albums like golf and others hit the billion hearts. If you have watched it on YouTube. You will see the astounding amount of views over there.

Tyler, the creator of music tours

2007–2011: Odd Future, Bastard, and Goblin

Tyler worked as a member of Odd future and come up with albums that were super hit. It was also known as Golf Wang Odd future and Tyler rocked the stage with his killing performance in hip hop. Tyler gained the attention of many figures of the music industry after this album.

2015–2016: Cherry Bomb

This famous album of Tyler was his third hit. It was released on the official channel of Odd future and basically, it is the music video for the song “Fucking Young”. This song is a mixtape that includes a short clip of another song titled “Death camp”. This album of Tyler the creator made a huge success in the music industry.

2019: Igor

In 2019, short video clips of Tyler show on his social profiles. In these videos, the rapper was dancing wearing a long blonde wig. This look amazed the audience and so was the related album of the Tyler. Igor’s music album secured top place in California records.

Tyler the creator Life

Tyler the creator has now become a sensation for the music industry. So that there is always the hype in his concerts. If you look at the concerts of Tyler the creator. Then you will get to know that how much people are mad for him. He is like the running machine of the music industry. In other words, that he is the god of his universe of sounds. So that Tyler the creator of merch has come into being by himself. And now Tyler the creator has become the fashion line for the world.

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